Stag Enterprise takes pride in being a 3M Premier Services Distributor. As part of our efforts to provide you the best service and products available, we have gathered some helpful resources to assist in determining and understanding your product needs. With certified 3M Specialists on our team, you can rest assured we can help you find the exact solution to your manufacturing, maintenance or support requirements.

Video Gallery

3M Aerospace & Commercial Transportation Division

Apply not just science, but 3M Science to get unparalleled performance on the road and in the air.

3M Aerospace & Aircraft Maintenance Division

One & two-sided tacky in a variety of widths to meet your needs.

3M Science Applied to Life

Cutting with Cubitron™ II Cut-Off Wheels and Cut & Grind Wheels will save you time and money while getting the job done.

3M Novec Cleaning – Aerospace

Earth-friendly solvents for precision cleaning, ranging from avionics circuitry to engine & mechanical parts.

3M Advanced Composite Protection

Advanced protection for your composite parts.

3M Science Applied to Life

Protecting your aircraft from the harshest conditions.

3M Polyurethane Protective Boots for Aircraft Radomes

Take care of your radar system so it can take care of you.

3M VHB Tape Bowling Ball Demonstration

Spreading the load across the bond line to give your construction more durability.


Stag Enterprise provides a better buying experience and is proud to be a 3M Premier Services Distributor.


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